Liz Hampton-Derivan is a photographer living and working in Bisbee, Arizona. She has been a photographer for over 20 years. Her work has been exhibited in galleries internationally, including New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Japan and Europe; and of course her relatively new hometown of Bisbee.

As an artist, she works with primarily two subjects: Portrait and Landscape photography. Her portraits are mostly staged themes featuring portraits of herself, her husband Mike, her daughter Hettie, sister Holli, and close friends. There is truly a close spiritual connection between Liz and her photographs.

Her style is soft, ethereal, nostalgic, romantic and sensual, or sometimes her images display a sense of humor. The artist describes herself as rather shy and introspective. Her photography is her passion and means of expressing her innermost self.

Liz became interested in landscape photography after moving to Bisbee in 2005. The varied terrain, so different from the places she lived in Georgia, stirred her interest.  Her approach to landscape photography is the same stylistically as her portraits.

Liz's photographs are in several museum collections and numerous private collections.  Her work appears in numerous publications.

Her work can be seen and purchased either at her home studio in Bisbee or Subway Gallery in Bisbee. Any Web site images may be purchased directly from Liz, using her contact information from the "Contact" link on this Web site.

In addition to working as a digital photographer, Liz has recently taken an interest in working with photo encaustics and mixed media at her home studio.